Olian Marketing Group

Born in The City of London, UK, in 2012, Olian Marketing Group was the coming together of three great minds: Ian Fielding-Calcutt an expert in business development, Krislyn Gundaya  a marketing expert and her husband Felix , an expert in digital design. Krislyn actually met Ian whilst he had 15 sales staff of his own in his other business. Their collaboration produced better results than all of these team members had achieved in only their first year!

Olian Marketing Group’s mission is simple – to cut down the time its clients spend on business development and provide up to 20X return on investment. In addition to this, save thousands wasted on employing sales people and admin staff by having a truly virtual workforce at your beck and call. In the current uncertain world there is no room for wastage and every penny counts more than ever before.
A lot of lead generation companies promise returns and don’t deliver or, worst still, say that in order to see ROI clients need to wait 6-9 months (by which point thousands have been wasted in marketing spend). We offer a huge return on investment within the first three months and 24/7 support in each of our packages.
Please get in touch to schedule an initial complementary 15 minute chat with our CEO Ian to see how we can help.